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      Endorsements for "Heart's Desire" 

“Ann Ault has been a friend for years.  I applaud her efforts and tenacity to make the inspiring movie, “Heart’s Desire”.  She credits me as an inspiration because she knows how many years it took to do my TV series, “Christy,” and, subsequently, my movie,

“Amazing Grace.”  I believe she will be the catalyst to bring the book and enchanting love story, “Heart’s Desire,” to the silver screen and I wish her the best!”

KEN WALES: Actor/ Producer:  “Christy”, “Amazing Grace” and the list goes on ... check him on IMDB

“This remarkable story is so bathed in the colors of true experience, so beautifully researched, and so inspired by extraordinary heart-work and excellent craft, that it must surely be ready now for its next incarnation as a great film.”

Stephanie Edwards, Emmy-award winning film critic/actor/author/ speaker.

“If I had a magic wand, I would wave it over “Heart’s Desire” and ensure that this film gets made.  It’s an important story that unites peoples and cultures.  A timeless reminder that faith, hope and love are things that transcend culture!”


MARK JOSEPH:  Author/editor of four books. Producer: “Doonby”, “Reagan” ... Marketing Executive: “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “Ray”, “Holes”, “The Ultimate Gift” .... Producer of “The Passion of the Christ” Rock Soundtrack (GMA Music Award).  Founder/CEO of MJM Entertainment Group (Production/marketing company that develops, produces and markets media in all forms:film, music, TV, web,books)

"I highly recommend my dear friend, Ann Ault.  Her infectious, bright spirit should be enough to carry her  film, "Heart's Desire" through to completion.  But, alas, she needs to fund the film, too. I am confident that she will find a way in HIS time!"



JOHN DAVID WARE:  Filmmaker and Founder of the 168 Film Project.  Check out the WEBSITE: 168project.com

We are now living in a world that has replaced romance with casual relationships.  People no longer look to what is important in a relationship but rather to what is quick and easy.  “Heart’s Desire” is a movie that is so refreshing because it shows us an example of what it takes to develop a long-lasting relationship with someone we love.  This movie needs to be made and to be made soon.  Ann, I promise to do all I can to help you make this dream ... no, this assignment a reality.”

ISAAC HERNANDEZ:  General Manager / Parables TV.  Check out their website:


Ann Ault’s “Heart’s Desire” is one of those rare passion projects that has been carefully developed and has now evolved into a must-make film ... a story of love, sacrifice, and grace that sends out a warm and healing embrace to a troubled world.  It is unique and universal, cross-cultural and deeply human.  I’m convinced there’s an enormous and enthusiastic audience out there hungry for this special life-affirming tale.”

BUZZ  MCLAUGHLIN:  Producing partner, Either/Or Films (www.eitherorfilms.com) Producer of  recent feature film, “The Sensation of Sight” (www.thesensationofsight.com)  and author of many plays and screenplays, including National Play Award Winner, “Sister Calling My Name.”  Author of best-selling book,  “The Playwright’s Process”, was founder and former President of Playwright’s Theater of New Jersey.  He also does script consulting and much more!

Ann Ault’s “Heart’s Desire” is one of those rare glimpses into the very heartbeat of Heaven and God’s plan for all of us.  Before the foundation of time this story was created and now is the time for it to manifest here on earth as it is in Heaven.  “Heart’s Desire” has been hand-crafted with love, care, excellence and do-diligence.  It is a time-tested story that will resonate with audiences around the world.  A future must-see film of love, perseverance, patience, kindness and grace that emanates light and truth.  A majestic rendition about the power of love and never giving up on a heart’s desire.  A green-light GO for this film project ... a win-win for everyone!”

Helen Gibson is CEO/President of Pulling G’s Productions.  Writer/Director/Producer of the award-winning film, “Karla Faye Tucker Forevermore” and writer of many screenplays including “Romans Road”

“Several years ago I connected with Ann Ault and was intrigued by her passion for Patsy Oda’s story, “Heart’s Desire”.  After reading the book and Ann’s screenplay I understood her eagerness to write the adaptation and to see it produced on screen.  This rich and wonderful account of faith, perseverance, and courage simply must be made into a film!  It’s the kind of story that will brighten a world filled with darkened messages of true love and calls us all to rely on an amazing providence.”


JOSIAH WILLIAMS:  Executive Director of Marketing, WinePress Publishing and also Promotional Advisor/ Notation Printing and Marketing Group:  www.NotationGroup.com


I live in Los Angeles, the City of Angels, or more literally, the City of Messengers.  As part of the sight and sound generation, I work professionally in the television and motion picture industry creating and telling stories ... “messages”.  Let me tell you of a Messenger, Patsy Oda, and her message, “Heart’s Desire”.

Patsy Oda’s memoir, “Heart’s Desire”, reminds me, in spirit,  of the Old Testament Book of Ruth, which has long been a personal favorite of mine. It is nestled in the Old Testament between the inexorable tumult and upheaval of warfare in Joshua and the tribulations, triumphs and tragedies of I Samuel. 

The Book of Ruth offers 4 chapters of pastoral simplicity, serenity and charm ... still waters and green pastures that refresh the soul.  Amongst its many lessons is that the same God who works on a global, indeed a universal scale, also works on an intimate, deeply personal scale.  Ruth is also an account of how God brought her to a new place, a new time, and a new beginning.

 “Heart’s Desire” does not simply echo these themes, but with the authority of a genuine disciple of Christ, it adds Patsy’s own voice as a simple, honest and charming “amen”. 

Here is a message that is aching to be told, this time as a film.  Ann Ault has done an award-winning job transforming Patsy’s book into a shooting script.  I am pleased to be associated with the project, as a Christian, as a Japanese American, and as a professional editor.  You can help us get the message out with your prayers.

Richard Masamitsu   is a graduate from LIFE Bible College which, after two stints as an Associate Pastor in California,  somehow qualified him to work successfully as a film and television Editor and Assistant Editor in L.A., CA for the past 17 years.  Some of his credits: “Comic View”, “Crossing Jordan”, and “CSI:NY”.  He has been happily married to his wife, Michelle, for 30 years, but he will only admit to being in his “extremely late 20’s”. They have 5 children, 3 grandchildren and 1 dog!

“ ‘Heart’s Desire’ is one of those touching cross-cultural screenplays that should be put to film ... and sooner or later it will be a movie.  Ann’s passion for the project is contagious, and winning second place in the Gideon Media Film Festival means it’s a worthy project for investor consideration.”

David W. Balsiger   (Senior Producer/ Vice President - Marketing GRIZZLY ADAMS PRODUCTIONS INC.) President/CEO Balsiger Media Enterprises:

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