" Heart's Desire" Film

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Ann Ault has been in show business for more than forty five years. She performed in theater, nightclubs, TV shows, over 300 commercials as well as movies and radio theater (including voices for "Adventures in Odyssey" ... you can find some of her professional credits on IMDB.) She has been a member of SAG/AFTRA since 1974.  That was also the same year she gave her life to Jesus Christ ... in New York City!  It was the best decision she ever made!

She has taught Drama, on-camera acting, has been a drama coach for churches, has sung and spoken for many venues, including women's retreats, hospitals and prisons. Ann has directed plays and has helped produce shows including the kid’s show, “Hubcap Flats” ... she co-wrote, directed, choreographed, wrote the theme song for the musical version (based on the "Hubcap Flats" books by Pat Sunseri.)  She recorded two gospel CD’s (with some of her own songs) and has self-published two books ... the latest with Xulon Press in February 2013, "Hi From the Sky: On the Road to Happily Ever After".  In her book, she chronicles life experiences, including her close encounter with "Heart's Desire" (see her book website: www.hifromthesky.net)

In 2000, Ann began taking classes on filmmaking and morphed into the world of screenwriting, producing, directing.  After reading Patsy’s book, "Heart's Desire" in 2001, she attended media conferences, classes and consulted script Doctors. She wrote the screenplay version of "Heart's Desire", based on the book and many true anecdotes shared with her by Patsy Oda.  Ann has been in the semi-finals two times of Kairosprize.com contest for spiritually uplifting screenplays.  In 2011 she won second place for the Screenplay Adaptation Contest at Gideon Media Arts and Film Festival contest.   Ann read Patsy Oda’s book, “Heart’s Desire”in 2001 and has had a "magnificent obsession" to make it into a film.  Ann lived in Japan in the 60’s with her parents and has many contacts for marketing the film, book and booklets in Japan  as well as world-wide.

Walter and Patsy Oda

"HEART’S DESIRE” is the fairy tale that is real, the love story that is out of this world!

The Late Dr. Bill Bright (Founder/President of Campus Crusade for Christ) endorsed Patsy Oda’s book:

“Patsy Oda’s fascinating story will touch your heart.  ‘Heart’s Desire’ will bless and encourage every reader.  I thank God for Patsy’s devotion to Him and willingness to share her life with others.”

“Heart’s Desire” is the true story of how God brought Walter and Patsy Oda were married in 1974 and have faithfully served the Lord together in their church and other Christian activities, including a weekly Bible study in their home for 12 years.  In 1988, Tyndale published “Heart’s Desire”, eventually it was available in seven languages and subsequently republished by WinePress and endorsed by the late Dr. Bill Bright.  In 2013, "Heart's Desire" was republished by Xulon Press (Patsy's book website: www.heartsdesirebook.com) Patsy and Walter have spoken at various Christian functions and have been interviewed on TV and radio.  Patsy has written booklets that are in English as well as Japanese and are continuing to be used for evangelism.  You may see examples of booklets below. Patsy and Walter are also on the Board of “A Woman’s Special Touch” radio ministry headed by Norma Bonds (who does the lovely art work for Patsy’s booklets.)  We believe the book, booklets and finally the film will all be part of a marketing plan for “Heart’s Desire”.  To order booklets: www.awomansspecialtouch.com  Stay tuned!

Foreign translations of Patsy's book (Portuguese, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, Korean, and Indonesian as well as English.)

The three English editions of "Heart's Desire" over a period of 25 years.  

These are only two examples of Patsy Oda's many wonderful booklets. The "Differences Between Buddhism and Christianity" also comes in Japanese. The booklet on the right "Christianity Pure and Simple", also comes in English, as well as many other booklets!