" Heart's Desire" Film

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                 The vision for the "Heart's Desire" film!

People are hungry for "other-worldly," supernatural films with super heroes and heinous villains.  They fill themselves with spiritual junk food which doesn't satisfy. 

"Heart's Desire" is a beautiful true love story which makes the invisible God more visible and shows the awesome reality of His guidance in one young woman's life.  He is an equal opportunity Creator to all who will follow Him to our true "heart's desire!"  This is the vision for the film ... to show the authentic supernatural Kingdom of God in action ... disarm the "Twilight Saga" with the SON-LIGHT reality ... creatively and without apology!


There has been an exponential growth in not only independent films, but especially faith-based, family-friendly films.  There is a vast market for inspiring, hope-filled movies in these troubled times.  There are many high-tech ways to publicize and  distribute faith-based films these days ... not only theatrical release, but also

DVD's, the internet, TV and many organizations that promote new films to churches, households and other venues in the USA and all over the world (especially for Japan with "Heart's Desire").

We intend to produce an excellent film based on a compelling but charming true Japanese American love story.  "Heart's Desire" ... the Fairy Tale that is true ... the Love story that is out of this world.  True love, true faith ... a true story!

  We Believe:

"Movies should be a positive expression that there is hope, love, mercy, justice and charity.  It is the filmmaker's responsibility to emphasize the positive qualities of humanity by showing the triumph of the individual over adversities."  Frank Capra (director of "It's A Wonderful Life.")